is maybe the nicest or almost the nicest town near the capital of a country. Only 20 minutes from the center of Athens . Right on the blue sea and is considered to be the most IN place for summer night life as well as a peaceful place where most of celebrities live, among them many ship owners. Glyfada has the biggest shopping road maybe in whole Greece with the biggest shopping arcades . In Glyfada there is the only in Greece International sized Golf Court, next to the old airport where now the subway ends. There is nothing that is missing from Glyfada , 30 Hotels , maybe 50 Restaurants , the famous street with the numerous cafeterias , the biggest Night clubs , 6 big yacht marines, and a fishermen small port that bring every day from 06.00 freshly catched fish , and blue clear sea for swimming.

ATLAS HOUSE, a luxurious house with all ultra modern amenities and esthetic decor is situated at this very place and is for sale.

the 2.500 square meters building that is for sale is just 7 walking minutes from the big shopping pedestrian avenue , 10 walking minutes from the Golf Courts and 15 walking minutes from the clean sea for swimming . The building is maybe the highest in Glyfada overlooking the sea from the one side and the mountain from the other . There is plenty of parking space for 30 cars right in front of the house.

The house itself is built to accommodate a rich family to have all the family in the under one roof but in separate floors .


There are 3 basements ( apart of the indoor Tennis court that has the infrastructure to be transformed to the biggest indoor swimming pool 25 meters with free space for bar and even a small private restaurant and a height of 12 meters ).

All basements have a main space of 160 sq. meters and 2 side rooms 80 and 50 each .

• The minus 3 basement can be a huge GYM which is on same level and communicates with the swimming pool . With special rooms for Sauna and massage parlors.

• The minus 2 is now on same level with the existing indoor Tennis court can have any use the owner can imagine .

• The minus 1 basement can be used with some inner change s to big parking or if the new owner wishes can in conjunction to the ground floor make either a beautiful maisonette or if the owner wishes can have offices of his Company in connection to the ground floor and the big staircase that connects the 2 through the annex, the 3 floors sidewing of 60 sq meters each floor .

Ground Floor:

This is already structured for offices with 4 offices and reception. If this will not be used as offices then can become a beautiful apartment on the same level with the back garden and the garden house . Can also be connected internally with the 1st basement to make a big 2 floors flat.

The Garden House:

On the back side of the building on same level to the garden there is the garden house a 65 sq, meters fully air-conditioned house with big living room , bathroom and bedroom .

1st and 2nd floor are 2 separate floors of 195 sq meters with huge living room kitchen and dining room , 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms .

The 3rd floor is also 195 sq meters but has one bathroom and there is big wooden staircase that leads to the 4th floor where is the big Jacuzzi and the big dressing room and has also access to the biggest ballroom ,170 sq meters and the big office with view to the sea.

The 5th floor:  The 4TH floor leads to the 5th floor where is already an impressive office space ( 45 sq meters ) overlooking the sea with 70 sq. meters balcony ) . This room is initially built to be a BBQ . There is a beautiful BBQ .

All floors from 1st floor to the 5th have an impressive atrium that is covered with hand carved beautiful stones . The whole building inside outside is the house that seldom anymore one can use so much stone manually carved inside outside .

Imagine having all under one roof . with swimming pool ( or Tennis court ) , with GYM and beautiful gardens with huge palm trees.

Imagine drinking your coffee and reading your newspaper by the sea .

Imagine to be there at the fishermen port waiting for the foci boats to come and buy your fresh fish.

Imagine having whole family and the Company under one roof ( Ideal for Embassy with Ambassador’s house and guest rooms , Ideal for a Ship Owner to combine Company and private house with the full view of the sea.) .

Imagine to have the biggest indoor swimming pool and the biggest private GYM .

There are so many benefits that need many pages to describe.

© Mike Dramytinos, 2015         

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